Digital printing is the fastest way to perform and complete any order, from the simplest one to the most complex.

Digital printing is a printing technology that is capable of producing print outs directly from a computer file. Unlike with the offset printing, it does not need a transitional such as films or plates.

Digital printing is a perfect solution for a small volumes jobs if a necessary small volume print runs are – 1 – 1000 pcs. For example, business cards, table cards, invitations, materials for a seminar, diplomas;

Any product can be printed out at the highest speed without leaving the customer for a long wait. This option is perfect for urgent orders.

High-quality print jobs can be checked by the customer after a first copy, and all subsequent copies will be completely identical.

Another advantage of digital printing is the ability to number copies or assign to each copy a piece of individual information which is not possible with offset printing.

You can print out as many copies as you need at the time and any additional copies as needed at any time after. With traditional offset printing machines, consumers usually print out much more sheets than they need.